Emotional Intelligence

Most of us are aware of Intelligent Quotient (IQ) it is used to determine a person's ability to think and reasoning. However most of the people are not quite familiar with Emotional Quotient (EQ) or Emotional Intelligence (EI) which is a person's ability to recognize their own, and other people's emotions. Till recently people considered Intelligent Quotient (IQ) to be the most important factor to determine success in their lives and careers. However, recent research carried out by eminent psychologist like Dr. Daniel Goleman, has proved that Emotional Quotient (EQ) is equally important and in some cases more important that IQ to become successful in life. Though everyone has Emotional Intelligence (EI) to some extent it is are not developed enough to make a difference in their everyday lives. Hence it is important to hone one's Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills on regular basis to become successful in one's professional endeavors. 

Emotional Intelligence has five common attributes:

1. Self Awareness - According to Dr. Goleman people should be aware of their own emotions and that their emotions should not dictate their feelings. People should know what are their strengths and weaknesses and they should not shy away from their weakness. Rather they should encounter them and find a way so that they can perform better in their careers and personal lives. 

2. Self Regulation - Apart from knowing their emotions people should also have self-control or be able to self-regulate them so that they don't take any decisions impulsively. Self-regulation helps to control negative emotions to manifest. This is very helpful for people who have a challenging and highly stressful job in today's hyper competitive world.

3. Motivation - People who have strong EI skills always look for long-term success rather than a short-term achievement. They are self motivator and love challenging environment to show their talents. They are highly focused and productive in the work and have a positive outlook towards life.  

4. Empathy - Today just knowing one's emotion is of little use when one cannot look at other's viewpoint and understand their emotions and feelings. Empathy is becoming one of the most important traits for being successful in one's life. Today in businesses managers and c-level executives are trained how to hone their empathy skills. This helps them to better deal with employees and customers and make office a better place. Empathy also helps people to achieve greater success both in personal and professional domain.

5. Social Skills - Having social skills in today's collaborative world is more than important. With social networking technologies disrupting the conventional wisdom of human relationship people with social skills often assume the role of a team player. It also helps people become better communicator and motivates other for success.

Emotional Intelligence just like any other skill can be learned and mastered. But it takes years and decades of persistent training and development to ace this skill. However for beginner some of the below mentioned strategies can be very helpful.

1. Observe Your Reaction

Whenever people are in conversation with someone they look at their behavior and observe how they react and stereotype them or pass a judgment. However, people with high level of emotional intelligence (EI) should always observer their reaction first and how they are behaving in front of others. They should take a neutral point of view and look through others perspective. They should be honest with themselves and be more accepting of others genuine opinion. This is very important in business when it comes to customer services and deal negotiation. 

2. Self Evaluate

People know that they have weakness, they are impulsive and they are not perfect. However most of them live in denial and seldom accept their shortcomings. Self evaluation is one of the best ways to brings out all the traits that are stopping them to achieve success. If people can show some courage to look inwards they can make their lives better and more fulfilling. 

3. Take Your Responsibility

Taking responsibility for one's action is one of the most important factors in improving one's emotional intelligence skills.  If people have done something wrong they should apologize and show honesty towards others. They should be courteous while talking to others and acknowledge their presence and not avoid them.

4. Check Your Action

Most of the time people tend to be harsh with others while not accepting their opinion or differing to their point of view. Under those circumstances it is important for a person to check out his actions. How the person handles the situation and whether his or her decision will impact the conversation.   

5. Be Optimist

Multiple research have suggested that people who are optimist tends to be happier than those who are not. They also have a positive outlook towards life. They manage stress better and have the ability to bounce back from challenging phase in life. They look out for opportunities even in most dismal circumstances and have a productive life.

Emotional intelligence is one of the key ingredients to build a successful life both in professional and personal domain. Those learning and implementing the skills will excel in life in the long run. No matter whether you are a leader of a specific organization or follower of a certain school of thoughts having emotional intelligence for success is paramount.