Smart habits of successful people

Aristotle the Greek Philosopher once said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." These words spoken more than two thousand years ago still holds true even today and most of the successful people have adopted this as their life's principle. Successful people are not different from the average people we meet every day. However, what differentiate them from unsuccessful people are their habits they religiously follow every day. Numerous researches have shown that successful people from different domain share some common habits. Though the habits are numerous but some of the key ones are mentioned below.

1. They are early riser

According to a research done by a global research firm Accurat on the sleep pattern of world famous writer shows that some of the most successful writers in human history were early riser.  Benjamin Franklin and Immanuel Kant woke up at 5 am whereas Sylvia Plath and Haruki Murakami woke up at 4 am. They were at their most productive selves at these hours which helped them to bring out some classic works. Similarly some of best known business persons like Tim cook, Jeff Immelt and Richard Branson are early riser too.  Harvard biologist Christoph Randler in his 2008 research showed that early risers were more proactive, smarter and perform better at work. His research also indicates that morning risers also anticipate problems and try to minimize them.

2.  They set goals

Goal setting is one of the most important habits that are cultivated by successful people all over the world. Amid too much distraction setting a goal and pursuing it requires immense focus and dedication. Successful people set time-bound realistic goals and measure their performance at equal interval to check their progress.  They break down long term goals into achievable milestone. It helps them to set priorities, motivate and encourage them to stay on course and achieve their goals. Albert Einstein the legendary physicist once said, "If you want to live a happy life them tie it to a goal, not to people or thing." 

3. They practice time management

World famous management guru and author once said, "Until we can manage time we can manage nothing else." Managing time has become so important in modern times that it has become one of the principles to achieve success. The way people use their time determines their success rates. With so much work at their disposal people could get overwhelmed if they cannot manage their times in efficient manner. This shows that why even though everyone has same 24 hours time some become more successful than others. Basic skills required for time management includes setting well-defined goals, prioritizing work, planning in advance and avoiding procrastination. Time management helps in achieving greater focus at work, boost self-confidence, reduces stress level and increases productivity at work.

4. They exercise

Successful people maintain their health by regular exercise, meditation and yoga. In this fast paced highly competitive world it is important for people to follow strict diet, exercise daily and keep their brain active. Those who meditate and exercise have higher level of focus and perform better at their work. They have increased immunity, less anxiety and are in higher state of awareness to perform their tasks. Some of the world's successful people from various domains believe that regular exercise have given them edge over their competitors and have helped them to be successful.  

5. They are risks takers

Successful people don't wait for things to happen. They go out and make them happen. When Swami Vivekananda shared his wisdom "Take Risks in your life if you win, you can lead! If you lose, you can guide!" he meant that risk taking is one of the essentials of being a successful person. People who take risks always learn something new and are in a better position to make decisions. While taking risk they learn many of life's virtue like patience, humility, empathy, and kindness. People who take risk can anticipate problems and are better prepared to deal with it. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have made risk taking as their habits.

6. They are optimistic

People who are successful in life tend to be optimistic and positive thinkers. They see opportunity in every situation and take calculated risks. They don't take failure seriously and always strive for excellence. Optimists are self-confident and perform better at their work and are more productive than their pessimist counterparts. If they encounter a challenging situation in their lives rather than escaping the problem they figure out the solution. They inspire and motivate others to do well in their lives.

Successful people follow many rules but these, as stated above, are some of them that are common to many of them. Unless and until people make good habits as routine, following any plan of action becomes difficult. These are some of the habits when practiced by anyone can help them improve success in life.