Art of decision making

In this intense competitive business environment making right decisions and choices is as important as having right set of skills to achieve ones goals. No matter what is your profession you can be a teacher, businessman, politician, engineer or a doctor the things that will set you apart from others is your ability to make right decisions and choices. This explains why people with same degree, quRead More..

Economic Recession

Throughout the history we have seen how economic recession has profound effect on the lives of people and on society. People lose their job, there is a decline in business activities, stock markets fall, housing market lose its charm and people become more cautious about their spending. The 2008 subprime mortgage crisis which led to market crash around the world stands as a reminder that downturn Read More..

Indian financial services

  Today Indian economy is considered as the fastest growing economies in the world. Contributing to its high growth are many critical sectors, amongst which ‘financial services sector’ is unarguably one of the most distinguished sectors of Indian economy.  The role of financial sector in shaping fortunes for Indian economy has been even more critical, as India since independence lacked Read More..

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IOT) is a latest buzz word in IT. Though the concept of IoT has been around for decades, it is recently with the emergence of smart devices the technology is put into wider practice. It has wide applications in different areas like smart cities, business network & IT infrastructure, healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, supply chain, etc. Internet of Things or IoT Read More..

Skilled Manpower in MSME Sector

India is the world's largest democracy with 45% of its population being young and in the age group of 25 to 35 years. This presents a great opportunity for the country to utilize these resources in a productive way, hence skill development becomes imperative so that they contribute positively to the growth of the Indian economy. Apart from contributing the country's economy the skilled resources bRead More..

Effect of Global Warming on World Economy

In recent years the effect of Global Warming has reached catastrophic proportion - the sudden change in climatic condition, melting of glaciers, unexpected floods, rising sea levels all these can be attributed to global warming effect. Research done by many scientific communities has come to a common conclusion that the global warming is more than just a theory - it's a global phenomenon.  BeforeRead More..

Travel & tourism in India

Travel and Tourism Industry in India India is the largest democracy in the world. It is gifted with rich cultural heritage, splendid geographical location and wide variety of flora and fauna which makes it one of the finest destinations in the world to explore. In recent years travel and tourism has become one of the largest service industries in India. The industry is set to grow at 7.5% in 2016Read More..

Smart Cities

"A city can be defined as ‘smart’ when investments in human and social capital and traditional (transport) and modern communication infrastructure fuel sustainable economic development and a high quality of life, with a wise management of natural resources, through participatory action and engagement." Two renowned scholars, Caragliu and Nijkamp, provided this definition in 2009. Originated inRead More..

India's Economic Growth

In recent years, India has attracted considerable attention from developed nations like the US and some of the European countries as a preferable investment destination. The reason behind this is the strong economic growth of the country. During 2008 financial crisis when the whole world was reeling under the financial break down India was resilient against such shocks this led developed countriesRead More..

Make in India

The government of India launched its ambitious initiative ‘Make in India’, which is turning out to be revolutionary for the country. This initiative was intended to transform India into world’s ‘favorite manufacturing factory’. This also was designed to support India’s ailing manufacturing sector, which is a very important sector but was neglected throughout due to lack of focus.  HRead More..