SICOM ARC Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of SICOM LTD.

Having financed more than 3000 Industrial units, SICOM has over the years gained vast experience in managing the quality of its Assets. This involves close monitoring of key parameters and most importantly, initiating timely action for recovery.

SICOM ARC has the background of over 40 years of SICOM’s experience in term lending & NPA Asset Management and over a period of time it has developed expertise to recover advances through various recovery methods including takeover and sale of assets, One Time Settlement and through legal suits.

It has been effectively using the Provisions of SARFAESI Act and State Finance Corporation’s Act for takeover and sale of assets in cases of delinquency. It has so far exercised this provision in a large number of medium and large scale Companies which gives it a unique set of expertise in managing the process of takeover and sale of asset.

SICOM ARC’s NPA Asset Management activities can broadly be categorised as under:

  • Resolution of stressed assets of SICOM Ltd.
  • Identify and acquisition of stressed assets from Banks & Institutions and provide services for resolution of the same by one or more of the following;
    • OTS with Borrowers
    • Takeover of units under SARFAESI Act
    • Action against Guarantors
    • OTS with Guarantors

SICOM ARC is also providing fee based services to Banks and Institutions for resolution of their NPA Accounts.